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This week The Bengal is featuring an ISU professor. Without giving away any identifying details, we ask you, the readers, to give your best guess as to who this professor is. Send your guesses to ude.usinull@efilgb.

They have been a professor at ISU for over ten years. They are the advisor of a club on campus that won a district competition last semester, which many of the students said was their favorite moment they have had at ISU. They love encouraging their students’ passion and said the greatest moment in their teaching career is the satisfaction of improving their lessons every year and watching their students grow.

When they’re not teaching, they love to travel the world. As of this summer, they have been to 45 countries. They lived in Germany for 12 years while teaching at a university. Some of their family is French, so they have also frequently visited France and speak French fluently.

They spend several months a year in Abu Dhabi where their spouse is currently employed at a university. They once broke their femur and made a goal of hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim and running a half marathon, both of which they completed.

One of the greatest things they’ve done in their life is becoming a literacy volunteer to help adults who can’t read while attending graduate school in Syracuse, NY.

They have been married since they graduated from college, and have no children. They have one older brother who lives in Ohio.

The best year of their life was when they were 27 years old. They were employed in Arizona when their spouse got a job in Germany, so they packed up and moved across the world.

“That was a big adventure for someone who grew up in a little town in Arizona,” they said.

One of the wildest things they have ever done is getting married, which they said takes guts and naivete.

They have also been ziplining in Cancun and snorkeling at The Great Barrier Reef, which they added was one of the highlights of their life.

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