ASISU LogoFeb. 7

ASISU voted to approve a matched deposit to Law Club in the amount of $103.33.

ASISU heard budget presentations from KISU, The Bengal, the Student Activities Board and Student Organizations

Feb. 14

ASISU will vote on club funding for Nerf Club and matched deposit for Survey Club.

ASISU will hear budget presentations from Bengal Theater, ISU Meridian, SAB Idaho Falls, ISU Twin Falls and Theatre & Dance.

ASISU will vote on Bill 541, which would make it mandatory for the Senate Pro-Tempore to schedule a tour with an Ambassador through the Admissions Visitor Center at the beginning of the year for all ASISU senators and executive officers.

ASISU will vote on Bill 542, which would change when clubs can reapply for new funding after inactivity.

ASISU will vote on Bill 543, which would change when club funds will revert to revenue/transfer after a period of inactivity.

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