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Frisbee fanatics now have a place to call home with the ultimate Frisbee club at Idaho State University.

The sport has been around since the 1960s, and not many people know what ultimate Frisbee is, making it that much more difficult to find recruits.

Ultimate Frisbee is a simple game to understand, but each tournament is run a little bit differently.

Two teams of seven play against each other for one hour or until someone earns 15 points, whichever comes first.

Ultimate is very similar to football.

The game starts with the pull, which is similar to a kickoff. After the pull, the goal is to get the Frisbee into it to the end zone located on the opposite side of the field.

“It combines the skills needed for football and soccer,” said Donovan Caufield, an ISU senior and the acting president for the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Tournaments are usually conducted as single elimination tournaments, where some implement a double-elimination bracket.

Currently, there are about 40 members in ISU’s ultimate Frisbee club, but because many have very busy schedules, there are still not enough members to compete in tournaments throughout the year.

“Personally, I have only competed in one tournament,” Caufield said.

The team accepts all skill levels, inexperienced students shouldn’t be discouraged from joining. There are always people on the team that can help.

“We won’t get mad at you for dropping a pass,” Caufield said. “People do it all the time.”

Students who are interested in joining can contact either the Campus Recreation office in Reed Gym or email Caufield at ude.usinull@onodfuac.

Students can also look up the team or Caufield on Facebook as well.

It is not required to attend all practices or scrimmages. If players have a busy schedule, the team is able to work around it.

“There are a lot of really experienced players, but they have such a busy schedule that they can’t play very often,” Caufield said.

Currently, the team practices and holds scrimmages on Cadet Field during the evenings anywhere between two to four times a week. People are welcome to come and watch practices and scrimmages as a potential player or simply out of curiosity.

“Hopefully the team will really start in two weeks or so,” said Caufield.

For ultimate fanatics, the ultimate Frisbee club is a great way to get involved on campus, meet some new people and possibly compete in a tournament along the way.

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