Andrew CrightonAndrew Crighton


Ever since the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas, there has been a lot of talk, about a lot of things. I tried to address what I thought was an important issue when it comes to demonizing the people who are calling for something to be done last week. They are not politicizing the tragedy, they are accepting it for the reality that it is, and are attempting to do something to change it.

While compassion and empathy are both things we have to give one another during this hard time, we also should not pretend that by doing nothing, the problem will fix itself.

I know evil exists and that you cannot stop it; however, that is no reason not to try. Instead of wondering why it keeps happening over and over and over, and over again.

The recent #GunControl has caused A LOT of fights since the shooting, but what we need to consider is a compromise. That is how society works, any large community or pure extremists is sure to fail. No one really thinks that we can or should ban all firearms; but perhaps those who are pro-Second Amendment could admit that you really don’t need bump stocks.

Before you attack me for being a communist, I own what a lot of people would consider “more guns than one person ever really needs.” I love guns, and I love being able to buy one when it pleases me; however, I am ready and willing to make concessions to make this a better place for everyone.

So please, for the love of god, meet me in the middle.   

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