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This week we spoke to ISU ticketing manager, Erin Joy, about how athletic tickets work at ISU. She was very excited to explain their new green ticketing initiative which save the university money, as well as being environmentally conscious by not printing out paper tickets for students. By using the Bengal ID card as a student’s ticket, hassle is diminished. All students need to do is present their Bengal ID at the game, and they will be admitted.

Q: Why are ISU students given free tickets to sporting events?

A: ISU students basically pre-pay for their tickets to sporting events. As part of student fees for both full and part time students, each student pays some money to the athletic department. They in turn continue to allow students to come for the games for free.

Q: How does ISU decide which games are big events like homecoming?

A: Homecoming is decided down on lower campus. Things like the Hall of Fame game are decided in conjunction with athletics and the ticketing office, as well as guests that are being featured. If they are only available to come to one specific weekend, we try to work around that.

Q Who decides what the tickets cost?

A: The athletic director decides ticket prices for the seasons. Adult tickets cost $17 in advance, but jump to $28 day of. Child tickets cost $9 in advance but are $17 day of. ISU students should also be aware that they get four guest tickets to football games at $8 a ticket. As always, student tickets are free.

How and where do students get their tickets for games?

Students just need to come to the football games like normal. When they get to the ticket booth, students just need need to swipe their Bengal ID card. Students are welcome to sit anywhere in sections P, Q, R or S.

Q: Which games get the most attendance and why?

A: Homecoming is usually the most attended game. This year there were 7,105 in attendance. At the Montana Statte game, attendance was 7,279, and it was the highest attendance thus far this season. When we play schools like Montana State, University of Montana or Weber State, the attendance usually goes up.

Q: This year the season opener game was on a Thursday. Why was that? And did it have any effects on attendance?

A: The Thursday game coincided with Labor Day weekend. In an attempt to get more attendance, the athletic department tried moving it to a Thursday. The attendance was about the same as the game usually on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. There are always going to be some who can’t make a Thursday or some that will come that weekend.

Q: Why are games scheduled for 2:30 on Saturday?

A: The game time is set up by the Big Sky Conference. The times are picked to go with the TV schedules. However, having a consistent game time helps fans know when they need to take time off. It helps the fan base know exactly when they should be at the games.

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