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Hunting is deeply imbedded in Idaho’s culture that it’s almost a symbol of Idaho itself.

As deer season approaches, some students will be taking the week off to take part in this culture.

In order to participate, students will need a hunting license and tags for a big game species such as deer and elk. Sophomore Tanner Stommel has already acquired his tags and is committed to his love for hunting.

“Hunting is one of the best parts about living in southeast Idaho,” Stommel said. “It’s so nice being near some of the best hunting in the world.”

It is no secret that southeast Idaho has good hunting. The secret is where the best locations are. Diamond Creek Elk Zone (unit 66A, 76) is one area where hunters can get away from stressful lives to hunt big-game animals, while hunting zones on the Idaho-Utah border, outside American Falls and Palisades in Swan Valley also provides fertile hunting grounds.

“Hunting is a great thing to do,” Stommel said. “It not only benefits nature itself. I can get out into God’s country and be away from all the buzz of the city.”

As the weather changes and the southeast Idaho winter begins to set in, one thing a hunter can never forget to do is to pack warm clothes and prepare the worst of weather conditions.

Sophomore Octavio Vasquez, an avid hunter, is ahead of the curve.

“I usually bring a long sleeve shirt, pants, coat, a sweatshirt and boots,” Vasquez said. “Anything that I need to stay warm in the harsh weather conditions.”

Safety is the number one priority for any hunter. Although it is an amazing experience, it is important to remember that guns are deadly weapons and taking hunting safety courses is a must.

Luckily, students can take those types of courses on campus.

ISU offers hunters education courses where students can get certified. In addition, classes in backpacking and backcountry GPS navigation are also offered. Students who want to get into archery can also take an archery-bow hunter education course, which is required to bow hunt in Idaho.

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