Lucas Gebhart

Sports Editor


Okay, you got me. I don’t just play golf, I watch it. I don’t find it to be boring. How could it be boring?

The Masters was last weekend, the most premier golf tournament in the world, the Super Bowl of golf if you will. I wouldn’t consider myself a true sports fan if I didn’t at least watch the final round of this tournament ever year.

To me a true sports fan means you watch more than just football. If you just watch football, you’re a football fan, not a sports fan. If you just watch baseball, you’re a baseball fan, not a sports fan. If you watch two or three sports then we can talk, but if you watch everything, then you’re a sports fan.

So yeah, I watched The Masters this last weekend and it wasn’t just so I could classify myself as a true sports fan, it was because that’s what I do; I watch sports.

And yes, golf is a sport and I will just leave it at that. That argument is a completely different animal which I may address in a future column.

Does watching golf make me lame? Does that make me dull? Maybe. But guess what? I don’t care because I love this sport and I am going to be who I want to be. That means I am going to watch The Masters and not care what you think about it.

I still remember my grandmother teaching me how to hold a golf club and always advising me to let the club do the work all while following the old cliché “drive for show, putt for dough.” 

She passed away when I was 12 years old but my love for golf has lived on.

It is because of her that my dad (her son) and I love golf and for the first time, I watched the final round of The Masters without him next to me on the couch.

My old man has taught me how to love sports, not just baseball, not just hockey, not just football, but all sports, and that includes golf.

That is why I watch The Masters, I don’t find it boring and I do not find golf to be an “old man’s game.”

I find it to be a “tradition unlike any other.” A tradition that I plan to carry on for years to come. If you have never heard of that slogan, or are currently asking yourself, “what tradition?” Then maybe you should at least give The Masters a try next year, you just might find yourself falling in love with another sport. Worst case scenario, you spend a Sunday trying something new. Best case scenario, you fall in love with a new sport, and who wouldn’t want that?   

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