Lucas Gebhart

Sports Editor

We here at The Bengal have let the students down when it comes to game coverage. There is no spot on our website, twitter page or weekly paper where you can find the results of every, or for that matter, any game on campus.

Since taking over as the Sports Editor last semester, I have been thinking of ways to change this.

We started covering softball games last semester through a series recap that we published online, covered the Big Sky Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments in Reno and are covering the all home football games in a similar fashion.

But this is still not anywhere close to what the students and the student-athletes deserve. 

While the game recaps will still continue for football, men’s basketball (to come next semester) and softball, I am beyond excited about our new Twitter account called, @ISUSportsToday.

This Twitter account does not completely solve the issue, but is huge step forward. Through this account, we will tweet every morning there is an ISU athletic event.

The tweet will include who is playing, where they are playing and when they are playing.

In addition, we will also include where fans and students can watch, stream, listen or follow live stats.

I’m talking a direct link, where all you have to do, is click on the link and, boom, there are your Bengals on your computer screen or mobile device.

Once the game has gone final, the final score will be tweeted through this account so even if students or fans can’t follow the game, all they have to do is hop on Twitter and, boom, @ISUSportsToday has the final score.

I am going to be around for a while and have high hopes for what the sports coverage for The Bengal can be.

As a weekly paper, it is tough to cover the game or let alone the teams in general.

As I started covering sports for The Bengal last semester, I found it difficult to accomplish what I had in mind.

We simply do not have the budget at The Bengal to hire enough staff writers to be able to write that many stories.

The bottom line is: all ISU athletic teams as well as ISU students deserve complete game coverage.

While this twitter account won’t cover everything I have dreamed that we could cover, it certainly is a good start.

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