Melissa Coburn (left) and Megan Poe (right)Jenna Crowe

Staff Writer

Melissa Coburn and Megan Poe are both freshmen from Texas and knew each other before they enrolled at Idaho State.

Both finished their high school tennis careers ranked in the top 50 in the state of Texas and the pair attended the same high school, giving them the opportunity to be partners before becoming doubles partners in college.

Though only freshmen, the two have taken the Big Sky by storm. 

During the fall season, the duo made a semifinals run during the Idaho State Invitational on Sept. 17 with their deepest tournament run coming in the Gonzaga Bulldog Invitational in Spokane where the pair finished second.

With an increase in confidence, Poe and Colburn’s chemistry and foundation is stronger than it was in high school.

“I’ve seen improvement,” Poe said. “We didn’t play as well together in high school, but we’ve gotten better over the years.”

This doesn’t mean, however, that they are impervious to losses. Coburn admits that they had some tough losses this season, but successes such as at the Gonzaga Bulldog Invitational are what keeps these girls going.

“It builds your confidence and helps you in the future,” Coburn said. “It’s good to have this experience.”

As a freshman in high school, Poe was the first player in school history to qualify for both the regional and state tournaments.

For the next two years, Poe was ranked in the top 25 in the state of Texas.

“[In college] you play for the team more than for yourself,” Poe said. “You’re more motivated.”

Coburn brings her own successes to the table having played on the varsity team all four years during high school.

In both 2014 and 2015, Colburn was named the team MVP and was a regional semifinalist.

During her final year, she was named First-Team All-District and was also a regional qualifier. Coburn finished her high school career ranked 42nd in the state of Texas.

“The whole environment is different because there is a different type of pressure,” Coburn said.

Coburn and Poe plan to stay partners for the spring season and believe that they will continue their winning streak. Both girls encourage ISU students to support the ISU tennis team during home matches.

“There’s a negative perception from past experiences,” Poe said. “Support helps significantly.”

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