Jenna Crowe

Staff Writer

Josh Goodwin playing tennis.Hailing from Pocatello, Josh Goodwin is following in his father’s footsteps as he continues his family legacy of playing tennis at Idaho State.

The senior chose to stay close to home because of family support, a decision he once regretted but now appreciates.

“I never got the experience of completely leaving and only seeing my family on major holidays like most college students,” Goodwin said. “Missing your family doesn’t go away and I’ve seen that in my teammates, so I’m glad I stayed.”

His father also played tennis for ISU, which is another reason he chose to stay in Pocatello.

One of Goodwin’s favorite memories over the last four years was meeting his team for the first time, saying it is something he will never forget.

While playing for ISU, Goodwin’s family has always been supportive of him and the team, which is one of the benefits of staying close to home.

Another benefit is the comfort he finds in Reed Gym as he grew up on the four indoor courts he now plays for ISU on.

But this doesn’t mean the transition to collegiate tennis was easy.

“It was definitely tough coming from junior’s tennis, but it’s easier once you get the feel of how it all works and what’s expected,” Goodwin said. “Coach Rodel pushes me to become the best player I can be, so it was a good change.”

Head Coach Mark Rodel, who’s been coaching for both years Goodwin has been captain, has only praise for his performance.

“Josh is always willing and able to help us and will always go above and beyond what you ask him to do,” Rodel said.

Rodel has known Goodwin for close to ten years and has seen him evolve through youth tennis and recruited him to the ISU team.

“I’ve seen the biggest improvement in Josh,” Rodel said. “He’s developed consistently over the years and always bring a great attitude.”

While Goodwin is on track to graduate in May, he doesn’t plan on giving up tennis and will look fondly back on his time with the ISU men’s tennis team.

“I feel like he’s always been receptive to new ideas and always supported me and the team,” Rodel said. “I’m just looking for the next Josh.”

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