Lucas & Maddy

Lucas Gebhart and Madeleine Coles


Over winter break, we incurred a change in our Editor-in-Chief position.

This is normally something that occurs over the summer, not days before the spring semester is set to begin. However, we have tried our best to step up to the plate and get things running as smoothly as possible.

Printing an edition on January 10 would have been impossible with just two section editors and a staff writer. Content would have not only been thin — it would have been below our expectation.

But now, we’re mostly staffed and ready to continue our duty of serving the ISU student population with a weekly publication. 

We have set a series of short- and long-term goals that we hope will turn The Bengal into something that the ISU community and the students who help run it will be proud of.

With a full disposal of staff writers, we’re now ready to get back to normality and with it will come many changes, some of which you will see in the coming weeks and some of which may not happen until next semester.

Specifically, the design of The Bengal is something that may change by the time we print next August. However, we hope to immediately change our content in order to cater more directly towards our students.

To accomplish these goals, we need our readership to interact with its newspaper.

News tips are an essential part of how a newspaper operates, and it directly affects what its content is.

If there’s a student issue going on, let us know. If you have an opinion of something, let us know, even if that issue is with us. Because the best part about a newspaper is that it’s one of the only industries that publicly ridicules itself.

Rip us a new one, and we’ll probably publish it because that’s how newspapers work. We’re the voice of the students, and we will not in any way silence any voice within our student population.

Our staff is only so big and our connections only go so far. If there’s a story idea, send it in. Otherwise, we may not run it because we may not know a thing about it.

Most importantly, we want to know what you want to know. What makes you pick up a copy of The Bengal? What do you want to know more about? What interests you?

This is your newspaper. We just print it.

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