Job Hunters participating in Paralegal Student Association's professional clothing driveRenee Shaktivel

Staff Writer

The Paralegal Student Association at ISU organized a professional clothing drive to aid those who are taking steps into their journey of job hunting and attending interviews.

The clothing drive was held last Friday at the Bengal Cafe in the College of Technology. It was open to all those in need of professional wear such as suits, slacks, blouses, dress shirts, coats, gloves and scarves for both men and women.

The main goal was to help provide professional clothing at a more affordable rate, which was made possible thanks to the faculty from the College of Technology, Sixth District Bar and donations from the community.

College is a financially demanding event, and it requires students to make sacrifices for the sake of a potentially superior future,” said Tyra Hillier, president of the Paralegal Student Association.

Many college students are preparing for careers, however, many are unaware that the smallest detail can give the right first impression needed to land their first job.

[Looking professional] is important because you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” said Jeff Christensen, a career counselor. “The way a student is dressed reflects on their level of professionalism.”

The way a person presents themselves is the first thing interviewers notice, such as smiling, eye contact, handshakes and clothing selection. 

The hiring process is all about finding someone compatible for the company and team. While clothing does not always guarantee someone a job, it’s one of the simplest ways to make sure they are one step closer to filling the demands needed.

Employers are looking for someone who fits with their organization and culture,” Christensen said. “If they have high standards for their employees, someone who is too casual is already showing that they don’t really fit in.”

Christensen added that it’s important to prepare for the interview in every way possible, including researching the company, understanding the job responsibilities, being experienced and dressing for the job.

For those who missed the event, there are still several similar resources like this available on campus. The Veterans Student Services has a career closet that is available to all attending ISU.Professional clothing exchange

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