Aubri Matkin paintingTerryn Hardy

Staff Writer

Aubri Matkin has opened her gallery, Silent Transitions, in the John B. Davis art gallery. This exhibit ran for a week there and will be moved to the black box theatre Wednesday, December 6th.  Matkin is a mixed media artist, working in painting and sculpture. Of her exhibit, Matkin said,“I am in constant transformation. In striving to expand content and press forward, be it personal or observational, my work has slowly begun to explore the emotional, behavioral, and physical conditions of human nature; pleasure, pain, and the body. I specifically address suffering associated with physical violence in conjunction with a struggle between identity and the self. In relying on existing prose, self-authored during times of reflection or struggle, I seek to compose ideas or concepts that attempt to measure beauty, the impulsivity of sex, weight of physical and mental violence, and the difficulty faced when expressing our fluid identities. It is within these social parameters that I ask my audience to join me, not only through the inner workings of the mark but in the development of self.

Here, in an effort to educate my understanding of the body and the identities we take, I have a desire to immerse my work in the study of others who participate in dialogues that highlight topics or ideas that surround sexuality, gender, identity, and the human body.
How humbling it is that there is no end in sight.”

Aubri Matkin will be graduating this spring with a Bachelors in Fine Art and minor in Gender & Sexuality. Her work will be exhibited during a closing reception held in the Black Box Theatre at Stephens Performing Arts Center, Dec. 6th from 5:30 – 7:00pm, following Elizabeth Smart’s Keynote address.Aubri Matkin painting

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