Incoming ASISU Vice President Jameson Bastow and new lobbyist Alex Eckman are sworn in during the regular ASISU senate meeting on Jan. 14.

Incoming ASISU Vice President Jameson Bastow and new lobbyist Alex Eckman are sworn in during the regular ASISU senate meeting on Jan. 14.

Sven Alskog

News Editor

During the January 14 Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU) Senate meeting, Jameson Bastow was brought forward by new ASISU President Taylor Tingey as his selection as vice president.

The senate unanimously approved the motion. Bastow then took the oath to officially become the ASISU vice president.

Bastow takes over the role previously occupied by Tingey who moved into the role of ASISU President following the December resignation of Kyle Son.

ASISU’s incoming vice president has previous experience in student government from his prior role as elections commissioner. He has also manned the role of ISU Pre-Health Professions Association President.

Deputy Elections Commissioner Erika Cook will take over as the elections commissioner.

Having someone with prior experience in student government was an important consideration for Tingey when making his decision.

“I wanted to find someone familiar with ASISU and some of the processes,” said Tingey. “Perhaps most importantly somebody who would think things through critically and I think Jameson fit that criteria.”

While attending Twin Falls High School, Bastow was the student body vice president. He later transferred to ISU from the College of Southern Idaho and this is his last semester in the College of Business pursuing a major in Computer Information Systems. He is currently applying to medical schools.

As the elections commissioner, Bastow’s task was to take full administrative charge of elections, to promote the elections and to help recruit candidates. One of the main goals during his time was to increase competition across all the different races.

Bastow is excited for the opportunities that will come with his new position.

“I’m looking forward to being on a committee with Taylor and Vice President for Finance and Administration James Fletcher, working with them to keep tuition and fees down,” said Bastow.

For Tingey, his new role within ASISU will be similar to what Bastow will be going through where the new executive branch representatives hope to learn through experience.

“It changes quite a bit. I’m going from the guy Kyle went to for clarification to the other way around with [Bastow],” said Tingey. “We’ll be able to formulate opinions and points of view.”

The duo will be working together to accomplish some important tasks ahead of them in the coming months.

“Obviously it is a new administration,” said Tingey. “We want to take off where Kyle left off, but I want to get together with Jameson and set up our own goals as well.”

Bastow will now run ASISU senate meetings. He is reportedly excited to work with the senators during his time as vice president.

“With more responsibility in leadership there is more of an opportunity to serve,” said Bastow. “I’m looking forward to getting to know more students and clubs better.”

Having been in the same position as Bastow, Tingey hopes to be able to help make the change a smooth transition.

“One of the main responsibilities [as vice president] is being president of the student senate,” said Tingey. “I enjoyed hearing concerns and then helping to find out solutions.”

The new president previously worked with budget matters where he will continue to serve.

Tingey, like Bastow, will also graduate at the conclusion of this spring semester.

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