StatueTerryn Hardy

Staff Writer

Once again, Idaho State University’s Art Department hosted an art exhibit to honor veterans. Called “Vigilance” the exhibit features works by students. The exhibit has many pieces on different mediums.

One piece in the exhibit is a model of a monument that will be built in Caldwell. The bronze statue is titled “Honor the Fallen”. The statue depicts a female soldier ready for battle, holding her sword and helmet. She stands proudly looking out over the scene. The full size sculpture is dedicated to Carrie L. French and is the first Women’s Veteran Memorial in Idaho. This sculpture is the work of Kristol Caker.

Artist Thomas D. Stephens produced a series of acrylic paintings depicting five scenes. The first scene, “Mildred’s Demise,” portrays a woman lying in the ground with a man standing over her. A man is sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette and watching this take place. Through the window we see a man in awe looking in on all of this. With careful attention to detail, the artist portrays the texture of the carpet in caring colors. A dog lies under the table. Scene II portrays “Mildred’s Decompositions.” Here, Mildred is still laying on the floor but with the dog staining at her lifeless body. In Scene III, “Eddy forgot to Feed the Duchess,” a new character looks over the dead body of Mildred and the dog. In Scene IV Mildred is finally discovered leading directly into Scene V, “Mildred’s Wake.”

Grace Jacobson contributed to the exhibit with eight images of flowers. Her “Flowers in Teapot” is painted in oil with a palette knife. This image showcased in an ornate frame has vibrant colors and textures. There are many unique flowers portrayed as well.

Brittany Knighton used many mediums in her seven pieces in the exhibit. Her pieces seem to scented around the color red and the image of a heart. In two of her oil paintings are images of a man and a woman with their hearts exposed to the world. This same style is also used in her self portrait as well as “Shatter Me!” Which is a portrait with oil and glass.

In a series of lives representing the American West, Len Fischbach uses acrylic on wood and creates a wonderful showing. The piece “Round Up” is a dramatic depiction of a cowboy trying to rope a cow. The movement in the moment is captured well in this piece with dramatic colors and vivid expressions.

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