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With its waterfalls of pink hearts and aisles of candy, Valentine’s Day can either be sweet or gag-inducing. Whether you’re single or happily paired this year, you can pay tribute to the gods of love. Here are 14 ideas.

1. Send flowers to your mom

Brave the floral shops or pray the Albertson’s near campus hasn’t run out of pink carnations yet. Your mom figure will love them.

2. Download Tinder

All the talk about love will give you the motivation to craft a perfect profile and swipe right on everyone within a 20-mile radius. People meet online and get married, you know. Maybe this time it’ll work out.

3. Delete Tinder on February 15th

It did not work out this time. This was a grave mistake. You can’t bear to delete your profile completely after all your hard work, so you will remove it from the internet, and few will see your shame.

4. Hold hands in nature (or yell where no one can hear you)

Put the rolling hills that hug both sides of Pocatello to use and embark on a nature walk with your significant other. The Red Hill pillars provide a perfect view of city lights, only a few minutes’ hike above campus—but beware, others might catch you canoodling/screaming to the rooftops. City Creek trails offer more isolated hikes with picturesque sunset views—just bring a flashlight or get out before dark. For an easy stroll around the winding Portneuf River, head to Edson Fichter Nature Area. Its flowers won’t bloom for another few months, but you can provide your own.

5. Buy a chocolate fountain

Whether single or in a relationship, there is no going wrong with this plan.

6. Call your ex

But first, work up the courage with a bottle of wine. You want to be good and drunk before you beg Jacob to come back, please.

7. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

The beloved TV icon Leslie Knope pioneered this celebration of brunch and women’s empowerment. Typically held around a restaurant table, guests receiving thoughtful personalized gifts, Galentine’s Day offers a fun opportunity to praise and pamper your closest friends. Being a “gal” is optional: frat brothers are free to gather around their kitchen counter and trade heartfelt compliments over cans of PBR. To celebrate Knope-style, take your gals (honorary or not) to a local diner, dig into waffles heaped with whipped cream and gush about your love for each other.

8. Practice self-love

Use your Ulta rewards points to buy a sparkly bath bomb and a new bottle of Ballet Slippers. Or watch an episode or four of your favorite show. Whatever makes you feel indulgent.

9. Look at all the marriage proposals on Facebook

Their rings are so sparkly! Just like your new bath bomb.

10. Craft a thoughtful gift for your significant other

You are broke, and copies of The Bengal are free. Mix up one part water with three parts flour for a cheap papier mâché glue and make a cute sculpture, you crafty procrastinator.

11. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Black Panther

The cinematic event of the year is here, and Kendrick Lamar has provided the background music.

12. Splurge on apps and dessert at Red Lobster

This is the one day a year you don’t have to feel guilty about dropping half a paycheck at dinner. In fact, you’ll be guilted if you don’t. So dig into that lobster and langostino pizza and fork over your wallet. It’s Valentine’s Day!

13. Eat a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s

It is both festive and covered with pepperoni.

14. Take out your frustrations on a heart-shaped piñata

It is both festive and cheaper than a therapist.

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